Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Christmas story of mine

A member of one of the Facebook groups of authors I belong to suggested that we write short Christmas tales to offer them to all those we know. A rather awesome idea knowing that this group is composed of authors coming from several countries worldwide who wrote books concerning famous murderssuch as Jack the Ripper either fiction novels (like mine) or non-fiction books like research or 'theories'.

So I agreed to write one. Well, since horror movies are not especially my genre although my novel contains graphic parts of JTR coroners inquiries, I opted for a rather traditional style combining elements of conflicts, humor and, of course, Christmas magic.

It has only 19 pages. The title is 'Til it Happens in Your Heart '. You'll also find here an interview I had with the owner of the site, Susan Ballinger: (Interview With Author Bernard Boley). It's somewhere in the middle of the page. On that same web site, she made a special Christmas calendar with lovely videos showing some books written by authors which will probably include mine: (Christmas Calender). Once you get there, you might as well have a look at my Xmas interview on this page: (Christmas Q & A).

My copyright is registered at the Quebec National Archive Library and has an ISBN number, thus no risk of intellectual property theft.

Enjoy and Merry Ho Ho Ho!

Til it Happens in Your Heart
Til it Happens in Your Heart _Mobi

Til it Happens in Your Heart
Til it Happens in Your Heart _Epub

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